Having a Wedding or up coming Gala?
Then Cocktail/Walk Around Magic is a perfect way to make this special night something to remember.

With all the audience participation and original illusions, this performance allows for Outstanding, Classy entertainment with a splash of comedy for all guests. Making Cocktail/Walk Around Magic a must for those looking for quality in entertainment.

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  1. I am so thankful I hired Edllusion Éntertainment for my wedding in July. His ability to wow the crowd was absolutely incredible. His kindness, charisma and passion for magic is truly inspiring. I would highly recommend him for any occasion!! #BestOfTheBest

  2. “A highly entertaining hour of magic-fuelled comedy to a rapturous crowd. Edllusion showed the audience what he could really do with magic – many spectators wore the token ‘how did he do that?’ look on their faces as he pulled tricks from his hat. Judging by the audience reaction and their chatter as they filed out, it’s clear that this is a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an hour.”

  3. Edllusion was a blessing at our charity event with non-stop wowing magic. Over 200+ in attendance and Ed was a machine entertaining table after table of guests. We are grateful for his energy and support and look forward to having him back next year at our 8th annual gala.

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